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   The 17th Florida/Alaska Motorcycle Adventure is set for July 4, 2020.  The difference between this and the previous 16 trips is simple:  MUCH SHORTER DAYS.  Each day is planned as a destination all by itself.   It has been my experience that if you have the mindset just to get to Alaska, the several days you experience before you get there are not enjoyable.   Rather, if you look forward to each and every separate day without counting how many more days to Alaska, you will be enjoying yourself immensely. 

     This would be a great "reunion" for all former bikers!  Having 50 plus of us all at the same time will be a BLAST!

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       If you wonder what the 2017 trip will look like, take a look at this 2013 TRIP SUMMARY VIDEO .... especially if you are "on the fence".  Whole trip video -- 26 minutes long

So, if you think you may want to ride in 2020 ---  shoot me an email to DrASL@aol.com with your name, address, and a photo.

The following bikers have already expressed an interest:

1.  Brian Revels from Michigan -- returning biker
2.  Robert Stevens from Florida -- returning biker
3.  Stephen Evans from Lake City, Florida -- returning biker
4.  Mike Tuccelli from St. Augustine, Florida -- returning biker
5.  Jim Pehler, returning biker
6.  Howard Nudi from Mooresville, North Carolina
7.  Carl Hass -- returning biker
8.  Roger Behrens -- returning biker
9.  Joe Peek from Hickory North Carolina
10.  George Moroz from Alton, Illinois
11.  Mary Dahlin -- returning biker
12.  Richard Cunningham from Missouri
13.  Robert Vasold from Ft. Myers, FL
14.  Ken Metcalf from Lancaster, Ohio -- returning biker
15.  Katie Metcalf from Lancaster, Ohio -- returning biker
16.  Marc Chini from New Canaan, Connecticut
17.  Walter Sullivan from Topeka, Kansas
18.  Frank Gramling from Simpsonville, South Carolina
19.  Andrew Sairrino -- returning biker
20.  John Kasper from Holland, Michigan
21.  Roy Haack from New Jersey
22.  Joseph Lee from Illinois
23.  Matt Matheson from Montgomery, Alabama
24.  Mike Stephenson frpom Wichita, Kansas
25.  Kanay Jerath from Midland, Texas
26.  Kathryn Jerath from Midland, Texas

If I missed anyone, please let me know!

Later in 2018, we will start group emailing so bikers can arrange to ride together to rendezvous points and also to arrange room-mates, if wanted.