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Looking forward to trip 2 to Alaska, last one was in 15 with Mike and a few others on the list.

By 2020 I will be fully retired, though I said that just before the 15 trip. For the last 10 years I’ve worked with Oldcastle Lawn & Garden heading up logistics for North America operations or simply put….wood chips in a bag.

 Last trip, rode an 02 Ultra Classic, currently riding a 15 Ultra Classic but the 2020 trip may be on a Yamaha Super Tenere.

I spilt my time between Melbourne, FL & Murphy, NC…will meet up with the group at Deals Gap.

Will pass along that Mike’s suggestion of lodging at the university campus is a good one. Last trip I had a suite at the University of Alaska – Anchorage for $35 a night and had the use of the cafeteria. Used it as a base camp.

This trip the goal is to visit Chicken, so Rob Stevens can buy me a shot, Denali, Arctic Circle, Homer and see more icebergs.  Took the ferry last time back from Whittier to Bellingham, WA…it’s a nice trip and book it early if you opt to go that way. (Editor's note .. I plan to follow him to Chicken and also would like to take the ferry)

Childhood friend John Garrity will be on this trip. 

Thx Roger Behrens

PS: If following Mike, be ready to duck pistachio shells as he consumes a few while riding  (Editor's note -- it's sunflower seeds (cheaper!))