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Carl Haas here, 2020 trip to Alaska with Dr. Mike will be my third with him and to Alaska.  Attached is a photo from the Arctic Circle sign post on the Haul Road towards Coldfoot, Alaska taken on the 2009 trip.  

I'm riding a 2017 Harley Ultra now.  Last trip North was in 2015 with Dr. Mike when I went to Yellowknife and to Dawson City, Chicken, etc. I recommend the trip to Valdez, and to Whittier which requires sharing a tunnel with trains to get to it. 

I have taken the ferries from Haines down to Prince Rubert and the layover in Juneau is worth it.  

I have ridden in 49 of the 50 states and all but one Canadian Provence(no roads to it).  Have ridden across Newfoundland requiring a 15 hour ferry ride back to mainland.  I would be interested in flying up to Nome, Prudhoe Bay, etc. 

Did the sleeping bag thingy on the first trip and shared a room on the second.  Looking forward for the third time "North to Alaska with enthusiasm"