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I purchased another bike to go to Alaska as I didn't want to take the Yamaha FJR again so I got a used little Honda NC 700X & have it set up as an adventure bike. It's much lighter for all the mud & although not a full blown ADV bike it works out well for what it is & besides the the price was right.  :-)  Stops/roads for me (if possible) would be - Icefields Pkwy - Sign Post Forest (would like to ck on a sign I posted in 2015) - Dalton Hwy - Arctic Circle - Deadhorse - Top of the World Hwy - Dawson Yukon & Hyder. Those are places I'd like to go to & am open for any other suggestions.

Steve may start his trip in Florida near Lake City or I\he may leave a couple of days earlier to see some of the USA & meet up with the group in Canada as was the case in 2015.

 As far as sharing a room I believe I would be up to that as lodging is expensive if I remember correctly. (Editor's comment -- when I look for suggested lodging I look at both rating and price.   When I posted suggested stops, I try to post that were current at the time it was posted to give you an idea of a budget.  Please don't skimp so much you won't enjoy the trip.   Lodging are more expensive at certain places (Northwest Canada and Alaska BUT University of Alaska in both Fairbanks and Anchorage have summer housing and it is CHEAP --- includes laundry facilities too!  Perhaps stay at one of the dorms for a week and use it as a center of various attractions you want to go to.)