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I'm Mike, age  70 with the mindset that 70 is the new 40 -- full of enthuaism and excitement about what the day will bring!

I've been going to Alaska practically every year since 2002 and started off with a Honda Silver Wing -- four trips on that beauty, including a 14,600-mile Key West to New Brunswick to Arctic Circle to Tijuana Mexico and back home. 

Then several more trips on a 2005 Gold Wing, adding a sidecar for the last two trips.  Retired that bike by giving it to my son in law (he should join us 2020 with that bike) after almost 280,000 miles on it.  Had a short lived affair with a Stallion (very poorly engineered, constant problems both trips to Alaska) then my current steed is a Polaris Slingshot.

After last trip, I felt so burned out I decided to take a three year break with 2020 in the crosshairs as THE epitome of all trips ... with lower miles each day so each day will be a destination by itself .... won't it be wonderful waking up each morning not fatigued!?

I'm 100% deaf with rather clear speech.   My mode of operation is just to sit back and watch you guys have fun!   I feel with a detailed itinerary my input daily will not be needed so you guys won't have to communicate with me.  Paper and pencil will do wonders.

After retiring from teaching at College of Public Health and Health Professions at the University of Florida, my free time is spent on a 55-acre farm and gopher tortoise sanctuary.

North to Alaska with enthusiasm!   My plans are to ride up to Fairbanks and take the three-day tour (van to Prudhoe Bay and fly to Barrow and back to Fairbanks) then go south to Anchorage.   I'll decide later if I want to take the ferry to Washington State or go home via Hyder then Yellowstone then to Midland TX then home.

This 2002 Gold Wing made several trips to Alaska.  After 270,000 miles on original engine and transmission (still runs great!) I gave it to my son in law and believe they will join me in 2020!

This is my slingshot!