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     Depending on the weather forecast, I may leave June 30 and then stay in Tupelo, MS an extra night.   RATIONALE:  If a storm system similar to the one today (June 6, 2017) were to approach, it makes sense to hightail it out of here into drier areas.  PLEASE CHECK THIS WEBSITE JUNE 30 to see if this happens.  It has been my experience over many years to modify routes and/or dates depending on the weather system.  I'll never forget the time returning home, I pulled into a motel in Indiana and checked the weather forecast and saw a storm scheduled to hit at 6 a.m.  I woke up at 5 and saw lighting all across the western horizon so I changed my route to direct East instead of Southeast knowing if I took the southeast tangent, the storm would catch up.   Going directly East for three hours allowed me to outrun the storm, then I took a southern route.

    I like to be on the road by sunrise because (1) avoid morning traffic in hotel city; (2) cooler; (3) gives plenty of time to deal with problems, detours, etc; (4) arrive at destination before afternoons storms hit.

   If you want to read about past trips, here are some links:  2010 videos
   There are MANY videos on YouTube.   Subscribe on AlaskaBikeRun on YouTube and you will see much more detailed videos!  For example, here's one.
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